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Inform and Connect

Urban Inclusion West Africa, in conjunction with our partners the Business Development Services (BDS) Network, have come together to offer business matching and market research services to companies and freelancers interested in exploring opportunities in West Africa and for companies in West Africa interested in Accessing Markets that include the UK, Europe and China. Accessing information about markets and industries in West Africa is challenging and expensive. Inform and Connect can help you find much needed information and business connections in the country to make prospecting for business easier.

Business Matching Service

We now offer business matching services to freelancers or businesses based outside Africa that are looking for potential partners in West Africa OR West African based companies interested in markets that include the UK, Europe and China.


Potential Partners include:

  • Product suppliers

  • Agents

  • Licensees

  • Joint Ventures

  • Service providers

  • Distributors

  • Franchisees

  • Other Strategic partners


Market Research Service

When starting or expanding your business in a new region or market, access to information about that market will ultimately inform your strategy. As a business you cannot under-estimate the importance of up-to-date relevant information and our dedicated team, with over 10 years of delivering some of the best market research data for leading West Africa based companies, including multinationals based in the region, is now available to businesses based outside the region.

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