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Urban Inclusion in partnership with
Sound Diplomacy

Urban Inclusion Community is engaged in a number of new initiatives in the creative, cultural and arts sectors in response to the current pandemic that has impacted the world and its economies. As part of a wider programme of support, Urban Inclusion Community has entered an exciting new partnership with Sound Diplomacy, leaders in the music economy industry.


With the current Covid-19 pandemic, affected countries around the world have suffered a blow to their economies, bar none. The cultural and creative industries have been decimated by what is now considered the ‘new normal’, a state of affairs which requires extra vigilant hygiene methods, the wearing of masks, social distancing, self-isolation and lockdowns, which has made it virtually impossible for the music industry to function. Live concerts, festivals and social music gatherings have been challenged in ways previously unheard of, artists have been left to wonder if they will ever again have a live platform on which to perform and industry chiefs, technicians, event organisers and musicians have been faced with finding new ways to meet and engage with their audiences, to work, produce and perform.


Urban Inclusion Community and Sound Diplomacy are exploring new ways to breathe life into the music industry and to find innovative ways and new channels through which they can transform the music industry and create a new environment in which live music can thrive.  

      “We want to rethink and reshape the role of

                music and culture in our cities, towns and places.”

As such, it is essential to create a public and civic discourse with all the agents of the music industry to identify and respond to the needs of this creative cluster and to recognize the value and role of music in terms of a nation’s mental health and well-being, its culture, as well as its contribution in terms of employment and the economic development of cities and nations. To do this we need to build the narrative of how covid-19 has impacted the industry and create a vision of the future in which music can again play a central role in our lives with considerations such as creating an environment for music production, the funding of artists and the funding of the industry as primary concerns.


Amongst a wealth of new initiatives, mainly focused on trying to accommodate the advent of remote audiences, minimal audience participation at events and social distancing between performers and audience participants, Urban Inclusion Community and Sound Diplomacy aim to develop rescue packages for the sector that will include access to finance and technical support for artists, creatives and MSMEs to support this ‘new normal’ for the music industry.


Stay informed by visiting our website for updates of the innovations we are championing, initially in Accra and Lagos, which will be expanded across West Africa.

For more information, see the Music Cities Resilience Handbook:

Women’s Entrepreneurship and Leadership for Africa (WELA)

A flagship programme developed by the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), the Women Entrepreneurship & Leadership for Africa Programme (WELA) is a practical, project based programme that examines the issues, challenges and opportunities women face in creating, managing and leading companies in Africa.  It aims to teach women how to become effective entrepreneurs and also provides them with the skills to coach other women entrepreneurs. We provide practical coaching and mentoring support to women entrepreneurs on the programme.

To talk to one of our advisers about joining the next programme in Nigeria or Ghana, please contact us.

Centre for African Business Education (CABE)

Urban Inclusion works across a range of sectors offering accredited business management and leadership skills delivered through the Centre for African Business Education (CABE) – Global, which is a network of private universities in Europe and includes Ashridge Business School, Essex University, Regents University, De Montfort University in the UK and Hanken School of Economics in Finland.


Depending on the sectors we also work alongside appropriate professional institutions including the likes of the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), Chartered Banker (UK), The London Institute of Banking and Finance, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA) to name a few, to ensure that staff on programmes also commit to continuous professional development and to support them to develop a career path that can provide global opportunities. Our unique collaborative partnerships mean that our programmes will bring added benefit to private sector businesses that deliver a package of training and continuing professional development relevant to their targeted workforce at whatever level.


For more information and details about CABE ABM courses please contact us.


Through business development services and capacity building Shop Africa 53 enabled small scale producers and entrepreneurs in Ghana to showcase their products or services on the ShopAfrica53 online department store. Urban Inclusion offered capacity building packages to new merchants to help them get their products/services ready for the distribution and logistical management required for online trade.

FEAT/Cultural Business Investment Project

This project inspired and supported women and people from black minority ethnic communities in the UK to develop and grow their businesses through public sector contracting and exporting to West Africa. The project supported businesses to:

  • Identify potential business opportunities resulting from the 2012 Olympics and ties to home countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya through networking events, seminars and workshops.

  • Understand the business support available and how to connect with businesses in Africa providing them with access to UK markets

  • Access specialist business support specifically targeting women from black minority ethnic communities, including specialist one-to-one support, coaching and business mentoring.

Tower Hamlets Health Watch

Urban Inclusion Community provided project management support to Health Watch Tower Hamlets and Hackney Local Involvement Network. Work included training service users, undertaking mystery shopping exercises, conducting discovery interviews and collating data and feedback from health service users in the community.

African and Caribbean Business Experience  


Urban Inclusion has significant experience managing projects funded by the London Development Agency and European Regional Development Fund. In 2012 we set up an SPV, a partnership between Urban Inclusion, RegenFirst and the African and Caribbean Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise called the African and Caribbean Business Experience, which delivered the African and Caribbean Business Expo during London’s 2012 Olympics that provided a platform to investment and business opportunities in Africa and the Caribbean.

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